Re: [As-users] doing something for java applications ?

John Gruenenfelder (
Tue, 6 Jun 2006 17:50:39 -0700

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 05:25:50PM +0200, . wrote:
>Albeit AS2.2 is certainly in progress, I am still facing problem with java 
>applications, in fact with some big applets like "Prorealtime".
>The problem appears when you open a context dialog box, or when an alert or 
>confirmation window pops up. Theses windows stay stuck in the background and 
>follow you whatever desktop/screen you go.
>It's quite annoying when they decide to stay stuck under or over other 
>windows, and you are unable to reach or operate them (you cannot close them).

I've had a similar, though not as bad, problem with AS involving OpenOffice.
Specifically, the spell checker windows.

When I start a spell check the spell check window appears and goes about its
work.  However, when the end of the document is reached, a small window pops
up asking if I want to start from the beginning of the document.  The problem
is that this window always appears one level below the main spell check
window.  So I get a stacking like:

spell check
restart confirmation dialog
OpenOffice document

The problem is that this is *always* how the stacking occurs.  Clicking on the
dialog or on its titlebar has no effect.  Since I know to expect this, I am no
longer surprised when the spell check seems to freeze.  I just move the top
window out of the way so I can click on the dialog to continue.

I bring this up because a) it's a little annoying and b) OpenOffice uses a lot
of Java, though I don't know exactly in what regard.  So perhaps this window
stacking issue is related somehow.

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