Re: [As-users] Where are master files?
Sun, 30 Jul 2006 21:23:23 +0200 (CEST)

and especially

those 2 parts are especially meant 4 beginners, while i have to admit they
are not that helpfull, the concept should be clear, if you want anything
added to docs, just send it over, either html, php (source code of website
is in cvs), docbook sniplets...whatever.

i just stopped working on docs, because a) my main interest is theming
b) no feedback whatsoever, except 1 patch for comenting config files

as it seems you are an afterstep beginner, iŽd apreciate any suggestions
to above mentioned introductory parts....


ex afterstep-documentator and now wannabe-themer with cvs commit rights

> Thanks Jeff!
> I will be playing with it this evening when I get back home.
> That I can play with it is one of the major advantages to
> Afterstep in the first place!
> Mike
> On Sun, 23 Jul 2006, Jeff Krebs wrote:
>> OK.  I remember this... AS reads *.desktop files (on FC5,
>> they are located primarily in /usr/share/desktop-directories,
>> /usr/share/desktop-menu-patches, & /usr/share/applications).
>> Other systems might have /usr/local/share/... .
>> Do a search for files *.desktop to see all available.
>> AS reads the data from these files and adds the programs in
>> the menus.
>> If you have a certain program you desire to add, and it doesn't
>> show through .desktop entries, you can add it manually.
>> Look at the example that you provided (Applications/Network).
>> The menu files were numbered 1_* to 8_*. Look at the menu output
>> under AS.  The order should be the same, with *.desktop entries
>> on the bottom. Copy the file "4_mail" to "9_xchat".
>> Edit your new file to read:
>> 	Exec "XChat (IRC)" exec xchat &
>> and save the file. Using the menu and selecting
>> 	Desktop -> Update All
>> should show your new program.  Look at the other menu items for
>> examples, especially those launching in terminals.  You can add
>> subsequent programs like the example above: 10_*, 11_*, etc..
>> As I said earlier, I'd rather add a button under Wharf for
>> programs I use frequently; I rarely use the menus.
>> Jeff Krebs
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