Re: [As-users] Where are master files?

Jeff Krebs (
Sun, 23 Jul 2006 12:09:17 -0500

Are you talking about the paths for the AS files, or the menu stuff?

Paths are in the file "base".

I don't know what you are trying to "look for". AS, through "base",
is fairly inclusive of all items needed to run AS; i.e., AS knows
where to look to find all of its own installed data.

This is provided you used configure correctly during build. Unless
you are seeing odd things, all is probably OK.

For my local ~/.afterstep, I have the following directories:

	desktop          <- auto-created
		fonts    <- auto-created
		tiles    <- auto-created
	non-configurable <- auto-created

"autoexec", "base", "pager", "wharf", "database", "winlist" need
to go directly into ~/.afterstep.

If you are talking about the menus, some of the stuff is AS commands,
some is calling external programs.  You are looking in the right place,
and that is the ..../start/ directory. The .include isn't what you need
to follow; look at the files and dirs with numbers in front of them.
All menus are just text files and dirs, with the dirs indicating
sub-folders.  It's WYSIWYG.

You can move the .../start/ dir and its contents to ~/.afterstep/ .
Edit to you heart's content.

For applications that you use frequently, I'd recommend making a
button in Wharf... It's so much easier (one click rather than many).

Jeff Krebs

* Mike Rosing ( wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Jul 2006, Jeff Krebs wrote:
> > Once you initially start AfterStep, a directory should be
> > created in your home directory called ".afterstep" (~/.afterstep).
> >
> > Copy the files you'd like to edit to that directory and edit the
> > files there. "autoexec", "base", "pager", and "wharf" are examples
> > of what you'd like to copy.
> >
> > The number one thing that needs editing is wharf, and you'll
> > want to tailor it to your particular needs.
> >
> > Jeff Krebs
> Thanks Jeff.  I'm now getting confused with the "start" menu.
> I can see where most of the files call things up, but I don't follow the
> .include file.  As an example, in
> /usr/local/share/afterstep/start/0_Applications/Network the .include file
> has
> SmallMiniPixmap         large/NetworkedGlobe
> Category                        "Network"
> The first line makes sense, that's the picture on the menu.  But how does
> Category work - it's obviously finding stuff somewhere, but I don't know
> where.
> Thanks!
> Patience, persistence, truth,
> Dr. mike
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