Re: [As-users] Re: Xmms - afterstep problem

Volker Ossenkopf (
Fri, 04 Aug 2006 10:30:12 +0200

Hi Justin,

> Just wanted to add that I've seen this as well, and have seen it with a
> number of different kernel versions and various forms of ALSA
> drivers/versions.  I'll also notice the bitrate fluctuating during
> playback- which suggests more that the audio files are to blame than
> xmms/afterstep.  While moving through a playlist, I've played some audio
> files at a steady 320 kbps rate with no problems only to have the next
> file in the list cause the high CPU utilization- 

I am pretty sure at least that the problem does not occur with my
old afterstep-2.00 setup. Most of my audio files are encoded with
the same routine from CDs, so that it is extremely improbable that
I just played often "bad" audio files in the last three weeks while
never having had the problem before when playing (maybe other) audio
files encoded with the same routine. However, it may well be that
the problem occurs in my case as well only when xmms switches between
two audio files in a playlist.

Best wishes
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