Re: [As-users] Re: Xmms - afterstep problem

Volker Ossenkopf (
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 14:05:14 +0200

Hi Justin,

> Actually, I've had this problem consistently since I started using
> Afterstep in January '06 (using Debian packages).  I'm fine for roughly
> the first hour using xmms, then when certain files come up on the
> playlist, the CPU utilization problem happens while the file plays- if I
> pause xmms, CPU utilization goes back down.  Do you notice the bitrates
> changing during playback?  The problem files typically are shown having
> a variable bitrate or low bitrates (< 100 kb/s).

almost all files that I use have variable bitrates. In the xmms
window I see the frequent switching between different bitrates in
one file while playing, but this happens all the time while the
afterstep problem occurs only after e.g. an hour.

Why should afterstep know and care about the bitrate in xmms or about
details of the audio driver? It is not xmms which starts to use the
CPU, but the afterstep load goes to 9x%.

Best wishes
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