[As-users] Hot Keys Ctrl-Arrow not working (under eXceed)

Roman M. Parparov (romm@empire.tau.ac.il)
Wed, 9 Aug 2006 18:02:23 +0300


I am running Afterstep 1.7.xxx on Solaris 9, run under Exceed
(sometimes 9.0, sometimes 10.0). I can upgrade AS, but not anything
else. Exceed is configured so that the window management is delegated
to X [almost] completely.

I have one very annoying problem - the hot key combination ctrl-arrow
that moves between pager spaces doesn't work. It looks like it is being
sent to the application and not caught by the window manager.

I just copied the configuration I had on a Linux machine before I
was forced to Exceed, and the hot keys there worked fine.

## Keys actions
## control + arrow = 1 page
Key Left        A       C       Scroll -100 0
Key Right       A       C       Scroll +100 +0
Key Up          A       C       Scroll +0   -100
Key Down        A       C       Scroll +0   +100

An additional caveat is that that place is offline, so if you need
more input, I'd rather gather as many requests as possible to collect
that information at once.

Thanks for your advices,


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