Re: [As-users] Upgraded to 2.2.2, can no longer move across pages
Mon, 02 Oct 2006 07:17:45 -0400

I'm not sure what you're after here, but what I think you're saying is
that you want a different EdgeResistance setting based on whether you're
mousing there or in the process of moving a window?

I don't know whether this is possible or not, but it seems very
plausible, and handy.  I thought EdgeScroll was for how /much/ to move a

I may be way off.  I've yet to consume my coffee.

n8 wrote:
> I just want you to know I've been using afterstep for over 5 years. 
> Now, the downside! I have a minor issue / feature-request. 
> In short, EdgeResistance in a 'feel' applies to both window movement and
> standard mouse movement. I've finally gotten around to upgrading from
> AfterStep-1.8.11 because of longstanding stability issues (occasionally,
> after running for days, refuses to adknowledge SloppyFocus). Finally, this
> became annoying enough for me to upgrade.. but, now, a much treasured
> behavior is missing.. being able to move windows arbitrarily between pages
> with the mouse, but without the screen switching annoyingly when I more
> normally move the mouse to the edge of the screen.
> I tried defining a function for move 
> Function "mymove"
>         Set EdgeScroll 100 100
>         Move    "Motion"
>         Set EdgeScroll 0 0
> Endfunction
> but this was to no avail, as I suspect that the EdgeScroll is only read
> globally for a feel (and also that Move "Motion" returns immedietly, but
> when I experimentally removed the EdgeScroll 0 0, still nothing happened). 
> I've always loved afterstep and considered it one of the most flexible
> window managers I've seen. (I have minimal window decoration, don't run the
> Wharf, etc, or have any modules accept for a pager, which I keep set at
> 6x6, and I have all window operations (such as move, resize, raise, etc)
> all bound to ALT-FKEY combinations. Very efficient for my workflow).. but
> being unable to grab a window and drag it across several pages is very
> annoying.
> If nothing else, perhaps you could point me to the approriate places in the
> source so that I could take a look at window move handling.
> PS: With afterstep-2.2.2 trying to right click a window in the pager to
> move it within the pager to another position, seems to be buggy for me. The
> window ends up far away from the mouse pointer position as you drag. This
> isn't much of an issue for me, though, as I rarely did that when I could
> drag windows from page to page on screen.
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