[As-users] Bug in 2.2.2: vncviewer always displays on page 0,0

Tue, 3 Oct 2006 15:20:38 -0400

BTW, is this appropriate forum for bug postings?

Anyways, having recently moved to AfterStep-2.2.2, I have found an annoying bug. 

When using paging, if I run vncviewer from a terminal in a page other than
0,0 the vnc application somehow always opens only on page 0,0. (Both the
initial login dialog, and then the vncviewer window itself)

Even worse, after moving (painfully! (see prior bug/feature-request)) the
vncviewer window to page 2,4.. if I toggle it into fullscreen mode and then
back again, the window immedietly jumps back to page 0,0!

As mentioned before, this never happened in AfterStep-1.8.11

Is it a problem with the vncviewer itself reqesting this? I have tried
setting DontMoveOff and NoPPosition in my feel and reloading it, but this
doesn't make any difference.


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