Re: [As-users] Bug in 2.2.2: vncviewer always displays on page 0,0
Thu, 5 Oct 2006 16:22:59 +0200 (CEST)

#1 from the text of the docs dontmoveoff is not supposed to help anyway if
i read it right
#2 make a database entry for the offending app and add UseCurrentViewPort
to it's flags (Ident is your friend here) or add it to the "*" style...

i have a similar problem with xcalc, though in my case, there's a difference
between starting from wharf (incorrect to viewport 0,0) and from a terminal

all those USPosition, PPosition flags, hints of X are very confusing for me
anyone wants to clarify a bit ?


> BTW, is this appropriate forum for bug postings?
> Anyways, having recently moved to AfterStep-2.2.2, I have found an
> annoying bug.
> When using paging, if I run vncviewer from a terminal in a page other than
> 0,0 the vnc application somehow always opens only on page 0,0. (Both the
> initial login dialog, and then the vncviewer window itself)
> Even worse, after moving (painfully! (see prior bug/feature-request)) the
> vncviewer window to page 2,4.. if I toggle it into fullscreen mode and
> then
> back again, the window immedietly jumps back to page 0,0!
> As mentioned before, this never happened in AfterStep-1.8.11
> Is it a problem with the vncviewer itself reqesting this? I have tried
> setting DontMoveOff and NoPPosition in my feel and reloading it, but this
> doesn't make any difference.
> Help?
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