[As-users] AfterStep 2.2.3 Release Announcement

Wed, 11 Oct 2006 14:40:51 -0400

Changes include:

* fixed unavailable items from desktop entries being shown as available 
in menus
* implemented tips for menu.
* added functionality to allow for specifying entire popups in menu 
entry files
* added submenu to Desktop to be able to toggle some menu options off/on
* fixed ASRun to create dirs for config file if needed
* implemented feature to be able to suppress text labels in WinList
* implementing themability of the folder icons in menus
* added function Set to AfterStep functions to be able to change
  value of xml vars; added default_src param to <recall> tag to be
  able to fall back on something if none of the sourceid's is
* added <then><else> and <unless> tags handling
* added <if> asxml tag to conditionally execute stuff
* added <set> tag to asxml to be able to set variables to evaluated
  expressions in xml scripts
* added LZ compression to builtin libungif, as patent is expired already
* implemented support for parsing module options from look and feel -
  only WinList does that for now.
* added folder icons to menu folders.
* major menu contents cleanup.
* fixed handling of TryExec and CheckAvailability in .desktop files
* added defaults syntax to WinList config
* fixed handling of the text rendering where first character has a
  large negative lead, such as 'j'
* Added wmnet another net monitor along wmnd
* Added the "-f 2" option to wmfire to have better looking flames
* Fixed problem with Java windows getting remapped when they are
  being withdrawn.
* added Style to database to resolve issues with Open Office
  assigning Dialog type to its windows in random order
* fixed handling of the focus for globally active input model -
  java apps should work fine now
* implemented *WharfStretchBackground flag to wharf config - upon
  which wharf's background is rendered similarly to menu when
  TextureMenuItemsSeparately is not set
* Implemented support for TextureMenuItemsIndividualy 0 - which is
  same background for all menu items
* implemented rendering of menus without every item being done individually
* Implemented new option for MyStyle - Overlay <type>  <"other_mystyle">
* disabled gtk color mangling by default

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