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Jeff Krebs (
Mon, 15 Jan 2007 10:14:03 -0600

Good Questions indeed.

I'm guessing that you've tested all of the "Looks" (Desktop/Look)
and found one to your liking.

In your home (user) directory (~/), you will have a folder ".afterstep/"
(~/.afterstep).  Within that folder, there's a folder called "looks/".
If there isn't, create it.

Copy the "Look" file you like from "/usr/share/afterstep/looks/" to the
folder "~/.afterstep/looks/".  I'd rename it.  For example, if I like
the Abi Look, I'd copy and rename "look.Abi" to "look.CustomAbi".

Now it's time to use an editor.  Open your newly created file
"~/.afterstep/looks/look.CustomAbi" (or whatever you've chosen or
named).  Scroll-down to "#----------Window MyStyles---------#" and
look for "MyStyle "focused_window_style".  Under that there is
"TextStyle	1" (or it could be 3 perhaps).  Change the value "1"
to a "0" (zero) and save.  Go to "Desktop/Update All".  Your new
custom Look should be in the "Look" submenu.  Select it and ensure that
all changes.  That should be it.

For Wharf behind other windows...
Copy the file "/usr/share/afterstep/database" to "~/.afterstep/".
Once again, open your trusty editor and go to the line:
	"Style   "*Wharf"        NoTitle, ...."

On that line you will see "AvoidCover" and "Layer 4".  Changing "AvoidCover"
to "AllowCover" will let windows cover the Wharf.  Dropping the Layer to "1"
or "0" may help... I don't remember offhand.  Save and restart AfterStep to
make database changes effective.


* Christopher Turkel ( wrote:
> having RTFM and asking on IRC, I am still perplexed. I am running  
> Afterstep on Debian Testing and I have the default look running.
> How do I:
> Turn off the "3D" look of the text on focused windows.
> Keep the Wharf and such behind an open app like Firefox instead of  
> always on top.
> Thanks.
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