Re: [As-users] Questions on WinTabs, alt-tab, and edges
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 13:13:58 +0100 (CET)

hey !

1. dunno since i don t use the workspace modules function
usually starting it from startmenu should solve your issue (just a guess)
maybe somebody actually using this function could answer this...

2. i have not set edge/screen attraction, but setting it to 0 explicitly
does not change the behaviour that the window snaps to the edge at a
distance ~ 2 x width/height of the window frame (counting from window
content itself)... so i guess this is some kind of bug, as you ve set
the correct config switches...

3. you actually need to make sure that the key kombo is set correctly in
your feel file...

from my feel file :
# alt + tab = change window
Key Tab         A       M       WarpFore
# alt + q = return to window
Key q           A       M       WarpBack

have a nice day


> Hi
> First of all, great software! I really like the configurability. That
> said,
> I'm having a few problems.
> 1. WinTabs isn't opening on startup, even though it's in Workspace Modules
> with the following code:
>  Module "I:WinTabs:TermTabs" WinTabs --myname TermTabs --pattern "*term*"
> --exclude-pattern "mc*" --geometry +5+100 --title "term tabs"
>  Wait "I:WinTabs:TermTabs" TermTabs
> Have I accidentally messed it up somehow? As far as I'm aware I haven't
> changed this code except to temporarily comment it out then uncomment it.
> It
> works fine if I open WinTabs from the menu, so it's definitely a problem
> with opening
> from autoexec. I've also tried loading it with just "I" instead of
> "I:WinTabs" but that doesn't help either.
> I do note that .afterstep/WinTabs is an empty file though, is it to do
> with
> that?
> 2. As soon as windows get to within about a cm of the screen edge they
> snap
> to it. I've tried setting ScreenEdgeAttraction and WindowEdgeAttraction to
> 0
> but that hasn't fixed it. Is there some other option I should be setting?
> 3. Alt-tab isn't working even though I've set AutoReverse to 0 and turned
> on
> AutoTabThroughDesks. Is there some interacting option I've missed?
> Thanks for any help you can offer,
> L.M.
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