Re: [As-users] Re: [as-devel] Trying to access as-users
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 13:35:04 +0100 (CET)

interested in docs ?


i pretty much did the docs alone (though sasha vasko did a lot too) and
help is _very_ welcome!

doc is generated from src/ASDocGen/ found in the source tarball / cvs.
everything is generated from docbook xml snipplets in the source subdir
(faq is also in there). anything you submit here will be in all supported
docformats (xml, html, php, man, txt).

the rest (screenshot that is clickable) is actually precompiled and can
be found in visualselect4html.tar, everything you change here, needs also
to be ported to php files... though i would take care of
that if you really submit changes :)

i actually gave up with that, since i was not motivated to make a link
to the more then 850 config switches from there... and without feedback
after 3 years and nobody wanting to help...

_anything_ that makes the intro part better is welcome and will be
integrated into docs !

apart from that, as jeff already said the wiki is for other stuff or if you
are too lazy to deal with me.

hope to here more from you


p.s. also please note the prefered doc format is html ( start afterstepdoc
from the cmd-line). if you use man pages, the best thing is for sure to
modify the generating code (c files in the cited dir) to make man pages
more usable...

> I think the mailing list issue is fixed.
> Jeff
> * Young Avenger ( wrote:
>> Hi
>> I know I'm sending to the wrong list and I apologise.
>> I'd be interesting in working on the documentation or
>> contributing to a FAQ, which is why I'm on this list,
>> but I've still got a number of outstanding
>> configuration options that I'd like help dealing with
>> (these are the kinds of things I'd like to document -
>> the little tips and tricks that you need to know but
>> that take a lot of trawling through the manpages plus
>> trial and error to find out).
>> Unfortunately I can't seem to get access to as-users.
>> The links on the website are dead, and emailing
>> various addresses that I can find by googling is also
>> producing no response. Does as-users still exist? Can
>> it be reconstituted? Can I get access to it?
>> Any help much appreciated,
>> Y.A.
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