[As-users] Issues upgrading from 1.8.11 to 2.2.x

Felipe Sanchez (izto@asic-linux.com.mx)
Wed, 4 Apr 2007 20:52:55 -0500 (CDT)

Hello, I just upgraded from 1.8.11 and after a bit of tweaking got 
everything working - sort of.

I found three issues which I'm not sure if they're bugs or features  :-) 
I'll explain:

1) Autoraise

I like to use a combination of FocusFollowsMouse, SloppyFocus and 
Autoraise. In 1.8.11 (And most other window managers with Autoraise 
support) when I ask a window to "Unraise" (i.e it's overlapped on another 
window which I want to raise) it will go under the other window and stay 
there. Even if the mouse pointer still is over the original (now unraised) 

In AS 2.2.x if I do the same thing, the window will unraise, then after 
the Autoraise period has elapsed (500 ms for example) it will happily 
raise itself to the top because the pointer was still over it. It is kind 
of annoying and defeats the purpose of the unraise option in the window 
ops menu. And as I said, most other wm's (AS 1.8 included) won't autoraise 
something explicitely asked to be unraised, until the pointer leaves it 
and then reenters it from another window.

2) Opening windows larger than the screen

If I try to open a window with a geometry larger than the available screen 
state (Say, 1280x1024 in a 1024x768 screen) weird things will happen. In 
the most bening case it will be forcibly resized to the current screen 
resolution. In the worst case (i.e. ImageMagick's display utility) it will 
cause the window to be resized to about 50x50 pixels across. I'm not sure 
why this happens, maybe the WM sends some kind of resize event to the 

In AS 1.8 a big window would open at it's requested size, expanding itself 
out of the physical screen onto the virtual desktop (Or outside of it if 
it was in the desktop's border)

3) Wharf's withdraw behaviour

In AS 2.2 Wharf's default WithdrawStyle would cause it to withdraw to a 
corner when mouse button 3 was clicked over it, just like in AS 1.8. So 
far so good.

The difference is in the corner it withdraws to. In 1.8 it would withdraw 
to the upper corner if the click was in the upper half of the whole Wharf 
lenght and to the lower corner otherwise.

In 2.2.x it always withdraws to the lower corner.

Sometimes I need it in the upper one, sometimes in the lower. Now I can't 
reproduce this behaviour, already tried all the WithdrawStyle's listed in 
the man page with no success.

If these are actually bugs I'll be happy to fix them and send in a patch 
(Hey, I'll do it even if they are features because they really are keeping 
me from upgrading :P ). But since I'm not familiar with the AS code any 
pointers as to where in the source start looking would be greatly 
appreciated :-)

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