[As-users] AfterStep 2.2.7 Release Announcement

Nathan 'Vaevictus' Mahon (as_ml@vaevictus.net)
Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:51:37 -0400

Major (memleak) and minor bugs fixed. :)



AfterStep 2.2.7 ChangeLog
	* compile problem on solaris fixed; Feeble attempts at increasing
	  performance without any results
	* compile fixes and minor optimization of the blurring code
	* fixed bug where ExecInTerm targets wheren't properly tested for
	* added logic to not reuse the icon from underlaying (disabled)
	  contexts if selected context is the swallow function
	* [no log message]
	* fixed syntetic ConfigNotify events to have proper root
	  coordinates, and don't rely on cached parent's geometry
	* Corrected problems with too many or too few syntetic configure
	  notifes set to the clients, especially on initial map and and
	* fixed an issue with re-swallowed clients being immidiately
	  unswallowed again
	* implemented proper handling of border fill for nasty terms who
	  set parent's backgrounds to ParentRelative
	* added missing event mask for unswallowed from WinTabs windows
	* fixed problem with focus switching in WinTabs - it is now
	  accepting WM_TAKE_FOCUS and only then does it switch the focus
	* fixed clearing window border when in transparent mode and
	  handling of look switches - to change border color
	* added some fancy logic to determine what color to use to fill
	  around windos in WinTabs
	* fixed swallowing in WinTabs after a window was unswallowed and
	  destroyed and a new window with the same ID is created
	* fixed printing of CARD32 values on 64 bit CPUs as lX
	* Fixed install targets in Makefiles to create dirs
	* Fixed install targets in Makefiles to create dirs
	* fixed configure and deps checking in apps
	* updated documentation for libAfterImage
	* updated ChangeLog for libAfterImage release
	* Updated embedded libPNG and Zlib to latest versions; Fixed bugs
	  in find_file when compiled without libAfterBase.
	* cleaned-up Animate module docs.
	* updates to documentation.
	* libAfterImage v. 1.15 release
	* added some docs to libAfterImage
	* Completed refactoring gaussian blur code. It now works both in
	  vertical and horizontal direction. Maximum blur radius is 128,
	  and its bloody fast too
	* optimizations to gaussian blur and fixed mystrdup(NULL) in libAI
	* fixed gaussian blur at the begining and the end; added lookup
	  tables for standard deviation and multiplier, prototyped vertical
	* implemented integer math version of gaussian blur algorithm
	* fixed blur function to not limit radius to 10 and properly
	  calculate gaussian distribution
	* switched timing printing off
	* some additions to asstorage attempting to improve performance in
	  XImage reading - unsuccessfull
	* Cleaned up libAfterImage to compile without libAfterBase and
	  added fiunctions to ger drawable size and window position for a
	  specific display
	* fixes to libAfterImage to get it compiling without libAfterBase
	  and to reduce valgrind complaints about uninitiolized memory
	* added sorting keyword by alpha to doc generation
	* wintabs config should be installed
	* added the Unicode logo to urxvt.
	* fixed many valgrind messages related to uninitialized memory in
	  libAfterImage and libAfterBase; Fixed WinTabs to take into
	  consideration window's gravity and frame rectangle while
	  determining where to unswallow the window.
	* fixed image reloading to keep relevant flags - that was messing
	  up wharf's support for look defined folder icon. That should also
	  speedup repeated changes of look
	* adding support in Wharf for look-specific folder pixmap - so far
	  only works 2 times, then stops changing - wierd
	* further safeguarding agains running out of storage slots in
	* fixed Pager's layout when No Label is drawn
	* fixed WinTabs changing its geometry on look changes
	* fixed random segfault in Pager caused by uninitialized MyFont
	  structure; Fixed random segfault in modules, caused by double
	  freeing of the same ASImage in titlebar buttons refreshing code.
	* fixed the way dumb scaling up along Y axist was screwing up
	  slicing of the small images.
	* fixed stupid dumb bug in make_scales introduced in porevious fix
	* fixed a long-standing bug with slicing images getting a vertical
	  stripe tovards the end. Thanks DrCurl for your Patience
	* fixed a long-standing bug with slicing images geting a vertical
	  stripe tovards the end. Thanks DrCurl for your Patience.
	* hopefully fixed mixup with inheriting/merging fonts
	* added a search for .svg files when icon name is missing extention
	* added fixes for using proper dpy (from ASVisual structure) in
	  many cases
	* fixed compilation without libPNG; added ability to change default
	  asstorage block size
	* fixed bar rendering to have proper values used for unset
	  hue/saturation, which eliminates one extra ASImage from being
	* fixed bugs intriduced my on demand loading of MyStyle fonts -
	  menu minipixmap size and corrupt memory due to double free
	* fixed compilation without X in libAfterImage
	* reduced modules memory usage by making fonts loading on demand,
	  instead of on look change
	* eliminated configure flags. Terms will rely on Xdefaults and
	  config files.
	* fixed few emory leaks (minor)
	* Added urxvt to menus, cleaned-up top and mlterm.
	* fixed several critical bugs in causing double free and heap
	  corruption, based on valgrind traces
	* reimplemented selfdiag code using proper techniques of backtrace_
	* fixed memory leak in self-diag functionality - memory returned
	  from backtrace glibc call has to be freed. That was causing
	  massive fragmentation of the heap, and memory abuse by AfterStep.
	  Still need to fix same stuff in print_backtrace function
	* added functionality to use statically allocated structs for
	  sending modules messages - no need to bother with heap for that.
	* Fixed a Makefile installation problem if the user installing is
	  using a umask value of 077.
	* eleminated excessive redraws when app resizes its icon while not
	  being in iconic state; Eleminated excessive updates when app
	  changes WM_HINTS midflight to exact same values (GTK apps)
	* fixed handling on window layer set in gnome hints - should not
	  divide by two
	* Audio module reading events better
	* Improved on location where submenus are opened, to make sure they
	  don't completely cover parents
	* little typo correction to see if i get mail from cvs mailing list
	* changed Audio to Sound in module header.
	* sound2 module able to receive event messages now
	* more sound2 module testing
	* Sound2 builds.. but doesnt do anything
	* more Sound2 code
	* configure really makes sound2 makefile now
	* configure make sound2 makefile now
	* Added new sound module: Sound2
	* alsa lib var to makefile
	* add alsa detection to configure
	* Added DontCoverDesktop feel flag and fixed handling of several
	  flags in feel in cases where value would be specified
	* hopefully got check right, sorry sasha !
	* little <hr> beautification for php part (_related files)
	* added support for x-terminal-emulator and editor from
	  alternatives; Fixed handling of ampty ShadeButton setting in
	  Pager config
	* Fixed typo causing ttf configure parameteers being ignored
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