Re: [As-users] AfterStep using 100% CPU when playing music

Daniel A. Ramaley (daniel.ramaley@DRAKE.EDU)
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 14:47:37 -0500

On my main machine i have a 3 GHz Pentium 4 with 1 GB RAM. The virtual 
machine that also shows the problem is a Pentium 4 with 256 MB RAM. Of 
course it is quite easy to tweak the RAM on the virtual machine; i 
could try it with, say, 64 MB and see what happens if that would be a 
useful test.

I'm not sure yet what information in them is actually useful, but i have 
over 100 MB of logs gathered in the virtual machine while running xmms 
for long enough that AS was completely dead (within the VM i had to 
force quit X Windows). The logs compress down to around 6 1/5 MB, small 
enough that if someone else wants a look at them i'd be happy to e-mail 
the compressed file. I've also done some testing with the VM i made. I 
removed most of the unnecessary packages that were installed in it, and 
now it compresses down to 1/2 GB. So if a developer wants to look at it 
and has access to VMWare (or the free VMWare Player), i could put it up 
on a web server or burn it to CD-R and mail it.

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 12:10, Nathan 'Vaevictus' Mahon wrote:
>Hey Volker:
>How much CPU/RAM do you have?
>I'm wondering if this isn't a swapping issue, or a critical backlog
> issue.
>or something along those lines.
>Volker Ossenkopf wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>> The bulk of my played music is MP3 or WAV.  Is there a particular
>>> format that seems to be affected more than others?  Does this
>>> happen with AfterStep and no other applications open?  Is this
>>> playing from a list? Or are you loading the tunes one at a time?
>> I didn't do any debugging, but I noticed that the problem was the
>> same or even worse on my system (Debian etch with afterstep 2.2.6)
>> while opening a particular website that updated the window title
>> every second.
>> This gives an easy way of testing the problem completely independent
>> from xmms:
>> I ran xterm and within the xterm-bash the loop:
>> ossk@hevelius: while (true); do echo -n "^[]0;`date`^G"; sleep 1;
>> done (^[ is the character for escape and ^G the character for bell)
>> This updates the xterm window every second. In this way one can
>> easily time the problem:
>> After about 8 minutes I notice the first increase in the afterstep
>> load (6%), after 16 minutes, I am at about 20%, after 24 minutes
>> I am at 30%, after 32 minutes 45%.
>> The load drops immediately to zero when I stop the loop in the
>> xterm, so that the title is no longer updated.
>> The delayed behaviour seems to indicate a memory management problem
>> for the structure containing the window titles. This might explain,
>> why the problem does not seem to occur on all systems using
>> afterstep, but may depend on an underlying library.
>> I don't want to make further guessing about the cause here, but hope
>> that this gives at least some additional information.
>> Cheers
>> 	Volker
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