Re: [As-users] AfterStep using 100% CPU when playing music

Jeff Krebs (
Thu, 2 Aug 2007 08:01:42 -0500

I installed the 2.2.6 RPM from the AfterStep website on FC7.

I logged-in under 2.2.6, started xterm, and ran the script example=20
provided.  I ran it for an hour with no appreciable gain in CPU load.

The 2.2.6 RPM does NOT have --with-gdb enabled.

Wmcpuload gave a constant 3% to 5% reading, and was at 3% when I=20
CTRL-C'd the script.

This issue is very odd.  I wonder what the culprit is?

I also ran the script under CVS with no issues either.

CVS had --with-gdb enabled.

Jeff Krebs

* Volker Ossenkopf ( wrote:
> Dear all,
> > The bulk of my played music is MP3 or WAV.  Is there a particular forma=
> > that seems to be affected more than others?  Does this happen with =20
> > AfterStep and no other applications open?  Is this playing from a list?=
> > Or are you loading the tunes one at a time?
> I didn't do any debugging, but I noticed that the problem was the same
> or even worse on my system (Debian etch with afterstep 2.2.6) while
> opening a particular website that updated the window title every
> second.
> This gives an easy way of testing the problem completely independent
> from xmms:
> I ran xterm and within the xterm-bash the loop:
> ossk@hevelius: while (true); do echo -n "^[]0;`date`^G"; sleep 1; done
> (^[ is the character for escape and ^G the character for bell)
> This updates the xterm window every second. In this way one can easily
> time the problem:
> After about 8 minutes I notice the first increase in the afterstep
> load (6%), after 16 minutes, I am at about 20%, after 24 minutes
> I am at 30%, after 32 minutes 45%.
> The load drops immediately to zero when I stop the loop in the xterm,
> so that the title is no longer updated.
> The delayed behaviour seems to indicate a memory management problem
> for the structure containing the window titles. This might explain,
> why the problem does not seem to occur on all systems using afterstep,
> but may depend on an underlying library.
> I don't want to make further guessing about the cause here, but hope
> that this gives at least some additional information.
> Cheers
> 	Volker
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