[As-users] Fedora 8 RPMS - AfterStep 2.2.7, aterm 1.0.1,

Jeff Krebs (jkrebs@tconl.com)
Fri, 9 Nov 2007 14:38:44 -0600

Fedora 8 RPMS - AfterStep 2.2.7, aterm 1.0.1, rxvt-unicode 8.4, and

The AfterStep Applets RPM repository has now been updated to include
Fedora RPMs.

This repository contains AfterStep-2.2.7, aterm-1.0.1, and
rxvt-unicode-8.4 and over 60 Wharf/Dockapps.

In addition, there are some added utilities that work well
under AfterStep.

Instructions for YUM installation can be found at:


As usual, these Fedora 8 RPMS can be found at:


Source RPMS that should work with most versions of Fedora
(Core 3+) and other distros can be found at:


Feedback via the AfterStep User Mailing List is appreciated.

Notes on releases:


Version 2.2.7 is a significant improvement over prior versions.  There
are many bug fixes and optimizations.  Memory and CPU usage are greatly

This RPM release of AfterStep 2.2.7 breaks-out libAfterBase-1.11 and
libAfterImage-1.15 as separate packages.  This was done for two reasons:
to allow the installation of rxvt-unicode and aterm without the need of
installing the full AfterStep package, and to keep the AfterApplet repo
in-line with the Fedora repo.

Use yum to update to the newer version of AfterStep.  If just using RPM,
you may need to completely remove the AfterStep, AfterStep-libs, and
AfterStep-devel packages before installing the newer ones.


New version 1.0.1, updated after 2 years.  This version also introduced
another bug, mainly that -trsb (transparent scroll bar) option didn't
work.  A  patch is included that allows -trsb to work... sorta... OK,
let's put it this way: -trsb works, and -tr (transparency) works, but
they won't work together without the -sh (shade) option.  If you want
-tr AND -trsb, you'll need to set -sh to some value (0 works for no
effect).  If someone can submit a patch to fix this, it would be
appreciated - version 1.0.2 would happen quickly.

rxvt-unicode: http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/rxvt-unicode.html

Version 8.4 offers continued support for libAfterImage!  Rxvt-unicode is
the heir-apparent to aterm.  There are many, many, optimizations and
performance improvements over version 8.3.  Rxvt-unicode version 8.4
requires libAfterImage 1.15 or greater.

mined and yudit: http://towo.net/mined/ and http://www.yudit.org/

Unicode text editors.  Every web page I looked-at included these
applications as "must-haves" for Unicode text editing, yet Fedora didn't
include them in their repository.  Well, I'll help the masses on this...

worker: http://www.boomerangsworld.de/worker/

This is a nice, highly configurable file manager that works very well
with AfterStep or any other window manager.  It uses the ole' buttons
and two panes approach and is highly reminiscent of the Amiga DirWorks
program (those were the days!).  It works well with large numbers of
files.  Once again, Fedora doesn't see fit to include it, so I will.

calcoo: http://calcoo.sourceforge.net/

A nice, clean, and complete scientific calculator that doesn't need
gnome or KDE to operate (just GTK v2).  Supports RPN as well.


this is libAfterImage built with the "--without-x" option.  It's
targeted at servers that don't have Xorg/XFree86 installed.  It should
be useful for using libAfterImage with web server applications.

Always the RPM nerd,

Jeff Krebs

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