Re: [As-users] Strange Apereance on FC8
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 16:17:09 +0100 (CET)

if restart session causes as to "exit" to gdm or termninal, this sounds like
a crash, so logs would be needed for sasha being able to find the error...

concerning your pager problem, as already said to you on the #afterstep irc
channel : find occurences of Pager in .afterstep (cd .afterstep ; grep -r
Pager *) that use different settings then the one you want and replace them
accordingly... in your case non-configurable and autoexec are the place to
look for, as you already reported that starting pager from a terminal works

to start pager : "Pager startdesktop enddesktop"
 so "Pager 0 0" for only 1 desktop , "Pager 0 3" for the first 4,
"Pager 1 1" for only the second desktop, etc...

every afterstep module has set AvoidCover (database flag) implicitly, so
if you don t want any particular module to move others around ad AllowCover
to its database flag.

if you log in as root and delete ~/.afterstep/non-configurable you will only
have deleted the non-configurable config of user "root" so abviously this
should not change anything for other users...



> I'm having some issues with F8 as well:
> "Restart Session" causes AS to exit to gdm or terminal.
> Pager doesn't seem to stack desktops vertically; it only works
> horizontally.
> And an odd issues that seems to come and go: Wharf doesn't seem to
> remember where it needs to stay.  Or perhaps it gets pushed out of the
> way by WinList; i.e., When Wharf position is set to +0+0, it's stull
> pushed-down by WinList.  Stopping and Restarting the Wharf module will
> position it correctly, but it won't survive a Restart/Exit, even with an
> "Update All".  I even logged-in as root, deleted the
> "~/.afterstep/non-configurable/workspace_state", and logged back in as
> user with no suceess.
> Can anyone verify these behaviors on F8?
> Jeff Krebs
> * Ortwin Ebhardt ( wrote:
>> Hello,
>> yesterday I made an upgrade from FC5 to FC8. After several severe
>> problems
>> it was finished, I installed the last ATI-Driver and thereafter
>> AfterStep.
>> Instead (as normaly) taken the source, configuring, compiling and
>> installing it I took the SRPMs and made a rpmbuil --rebbuild. That did
>> work
>> allright.
>> Now I have the impression AfterStep is a bit slower than it used to be.
>> Furthermore, I have a black desktop. If I open an aterm, i can see the
>> Backgroundpicture of my desktop in the aterm. (It's no big deal, but a
>> little bit unnerving.)
>> My System is Fedora Core 8 on x86_64 (on AMD Dual-Core), my Graphic
>> Adapter
>> is an nvidia Geforce 6600 LE. Have anyone experienced similar problems
>> and
>> could give me a tip here?
>> thankfully in advance,
>> Ortwin
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