Re: [As-users] Strange Apereance on FC8

lostson (
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:12:53 -0600

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 08:52:03 -0600
Jeff Krebs <> wrote:

> I'm having some issues with F8 as well:
> "Restart Session" causes AS to exit to gdm or terminal.
> Pager doesn't seem to stack desktops vertically; it only works 
> horizontally.
> And an odd issues that seems to come and go: Wharf doesn't seem to 
> remember where it needs to stay.  Or perhaps it gets pushed out of the 
> way by WinList; i.e., When Wharf position is set to +0+0, it's stull 
> pushed-down by WinList.  Stopping and Restarting the Wharf module will 
> position it correctly, but it won't survive a Restart/Exit, even with an 
> "Update All".  I even logged-in as root, deleted the 
> "~/.afterstep/non-configurable/workspace_state", and logged back in as 
> user with no suceess.
> Can anyone verify these behaviors on F8?
> Jeff Krebs
Actually yes we can two of anyway speedy0 and myself both have this as well, and it has been posted as a bug. Hopefully a fix will show up soon if it hasnt already. I need to check the wiki again.

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