[As-users] Strange Apereance on FC8 [SOLVED AND FEELING STUPID]

Ortwin Ebhardt (oebhardt@techfrog.net)
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:51:38 +0100

Hello and thanks to all for help,
th problem was a totally different one. I configured my .xinitrc to call 
afterstep. It was configured for /usr/local/bin/afterstep (for that's 
where my old afterstep did lie), while the new was on 
/usr/bin/afterstep. I changed it and what to tell? Everything's working 
fine, even back to the speed I am used to with afterstep...

So... Thanks for all the repleys and sorry for bothering you.

Till then,

Nathan 'Vaevictus' Mahon wrote:
> The black background reminds me of several other applications' 
> behavior with the root window: making a "desktop window" rather than 
> drawing on the root window.
> You might wanna look through the output of ps for something out of the 
> ordinary... or maybe running "Ident" on the background window would 
> disclose what it is.
> I'd think it's actually not an afterstep thing.
> n8
> Ortwin Ebhardt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> yesterday I made an upgrade from FC5 to FC8. After several severe 
>> problems it was finished, I installed the last ATI-Driver and 
>> thereafter AfterStep. Instead (as normaly) taken the source, 
>> configuring, compiling and installing it I took the SRPMs and made a 
>> rpmbuil --rebbuild. That did work allright.
>> Now I have the impression AfterStep is a bit slower than it used to 
>> be. Furthermore, I have a black desktop. If I open an aterm, i can 
>> see the Backgroundpicture of my desktop in the aterm. (It's no big 
>> deal, but a little bit unnerving.)
>> My System is Fedora Core 8 on x86_64 (on AMD Dual-Core), my Graphic 
>> Adapter is an nvidia Geforce 6600 LE. Have anyone experienced similar 
>> problems and could give me a tip here?
>> thankfully in advance,
>> Ortwin
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