Re: [As-users] DontCoverDesktop does not work

Jeff Krebs (
Fri, 7 Dec 2007 11:26:22 -0600

* Karoly CZOVEK ( wrote:
> Referring the to the converstation with Speedy0 at irc, i'll post this
> bug issue, let's see what we can do..
> i have "DontCoverDesktop" in latest afterstep config, but it still have
> blue 'desktop cover' when i switch desktop - how to remove permanently?
> AS version is 2.2.7 stable from CVS,
> OS is Slackware Linux 12.0
> "DontCoverDesktop behavior doesn't seem to work when switching between
> desktops"
> Here the corresponding parts of my 'Feel' config:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #AnimateDeskChange
> #CoverAnimationSteps    12
> #CoverAnimationType     10
> DontCoverDesktop
> DontAnimateBackground
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What to do?
> Thanks.

Per the conversation on IRC #afterstep, this issue is resolved?

It involved updating the custom Feel file via the Menu, correct?

I always recommend renaming the Feel and Look files in ~/.afterstep to 
unique names, like "feel.CUSTOM", "feel.MyGlass", "look.MyLook", etc.  
If you don't rename them in ~/.afterstep, they WILL show up as entries 
in Desktop -> Feel (or Look), but it may not be clear which are the 
originals and which are modified (I think the custom SHOULD be the second 
listed entry based-on defined paths).

Jeff Krebs
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