Re: [As-users] Pager question

Bo Dahlstrom (
Sun, 20 Jan 2008 16:31:13 +0100

> I believe this is a general line that covers all the AS modules, such as
> Pager Winlist etc etc because when I use this line it lets me cover all
> my modules I have running. So when I move windows around these things do
> not get in the way.

I suspected that too and made a little test. The test failed so I posted my
question. After your answer I tested again and now the test worked. The
difference between the tests is that in the second test I used the EXACT
line you suggested at first.

But it is a little bit annoying that I can't control the pager and only
the pager. It's only academic too me because I have removed the warf,
the winlist...

Once again. Thank you.

/ Bosse

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