Re: [As-users] Pager question
Tue, 22 Jan 2008 15:05:05 +0100 (CET)

Hey !

please use the Ident module to identify window properties (for X purists :
use xprop - gives the same kind of info - ident is just easier to read imo)

using those helps tremendously to understand what database is for...

resource name, window name or resource class are the ones that are matched
in database ...

all afterstep modules have asmodule as resource class, also, afterstep
modules have layer 1 (or 2 can t remember) avoidcover as default.

to find more, search the archives, this info has not found it s way into
docs yet...



>> I believe this is a general line that covers all the AS modules, such as
>> Pager Winlist etc etc because when I use this line it lets me cover all
>> my modules I have running. So when I move windows around these things do
>> not get in the way.
> I suspected that too and made a little test. The test failed so I posted
> my
> question. After your answer I tested again and now the test worked. The
> difference between the tests is that in the second test I used the EXACT
> line you suggested at first.
> But it is a little bit annoying that I can't control the pager and only
> the pager. It's only academic too me because I have removed the warf,
> the winlist...
> Once again. Thank you.
> / Bosse
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