[As-users] AfterStep 2.2.8 Release Announcement

Jeff Krebs (jkrebs@tconl.com)
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 14:35:50 -0500

AfterStep 2.2.8 Release Announcement

AfterStep version 2.2.8 is now available via download at:


Major bug fixes this go-around:

- ASDocGen recursion fixed - the BSDs were especially affected by this.
- Man pages don't have spaces in the names now - was causing build
  issues on some distros.
- Fixed the broken "Restart Session" occurring on some distros/builds.
- Added bugs.afterprojects.org to the "About AfterStep" menu; we now
  have a consolidated place for tracking issues and getting status
- GTK dialog listings are now alphabetized; ASWallpaper ("Picture
  Manager") is much easier to use now that the files are ordered.
- Short-lived windows are ignored when saving to workspace_state;
  AfterStep modules now stay where they're supposed to.
- Rxvt-Unicode added to ExecInTerm listing.
- Implemented possibility to define exact size of the virtual desktop,
  which may not be exact multiply of the screen size.
- Automatic detection and execution of text editors and web browsers in
  term if they require it.
- Added functionality to ascompose to allow for constantly updating
  display of stuff; command line should be:
  script.sh | ascompose  -I --endless --click-timeout 0 -q -f -;
- Implemented functionality to setup slicing of frame sides and
  titlebar elements.
- Added functionality to ascompose to set XROOTPMAP property while
  changing root background.
- Added UnderPointer placement type to center window under mouse
  pointer on map.
- Added BlurSize option to MyStyles for blurring of transparent
  background. Use like so: BlurSize 10x20  will set horizontal blur to
  10 pixels and vertical to 20.
- Many, many more bug-fixes, tweaks, repairs, optimizations,
  improvements, additions, enhancements, etc.

AfterStep 2.2.8 Changelog:
* Additional GTK File Sorting fixes
* ASGTK apps should now list files ascending order by file name.
* some more brainstorming as related to aftershow design
* fixed window list saving into workspace_state file to skip
  shortlived windows
* updated afterbase.c to include new stuff from libAfterBase for
* channged handling of configureRequests to not move window around
  to avoid AvoidCover windows in layers above it
* fixed selection rectangle sizing when desktop is not exact
  multiply of screen size
* xml manipulation code added
* started implementing aftershow client to be used by shell scripts
  to redirect stdio to aftershow
* fixed asfont get_glyph_map to not confuse compilers into thinking
  that there might be uninitialized stuff
* added code to handle client connections and input to aftershow
* updated libAfterImage.mak
* added socket setup code - need to move socket.c in here in case
  afterbase is unavailable
* more X initialization code for aftershow
* implemented possibility to define exact size of the virtual
  desktop, which may not be exact multiply of the screen size
* small fixes to wharf config
* implemented symlink chacking and DesktopEntry checking while
  determining if text editor or web browser require term to run
* added additional text-based web browsers.
* added additional text editors.
* added check for console tools, to alunch them in the term
* started implementing aftershow daemon
* started work on aftershow daemon
* fixed memory leak in ascompose processing in interactive mode
* compile warning on solaris in pixmap.c
* fixed compile warning with gcc 4.3
* fixed compile warnings in asfont.c in win32
* removed old png files from project
* fixed png.h to properly include zlib.h on windows and undeffed
  stdint.h on win32
* changed logging to always append to log and not overwrite it
* fixed missing parameters for spawn_child
* hopefully fixed restarting functionality when running from under
  gdm and when AS is not in the PATH
* fixed previous fix for AS restart under FC
* added bug tracker info to About AfterStep Menu
* Fix crash on restart for some newer linux distributions
* fixed makefile to not reference obsolete libong files
* syncing up items in Sound source files
* Added new sound conf option. Adding more error control to Sound2.
* added functionality to ascompose to allow for constantly updating
  display of stuff; command line should be: script.sh | ascompose
  -I --endless --click-timeout 0 -q -f -;
* fixed window move/resize where window would get resized even
  after button release
* Additional notes added to Sound2 code, minor cleanups.
* minor notes added to sound2 module files
* global Makefile will (attempt) to compile Sound2 module
* actual version - not updating - maybe sasha can help
* irrelevant change to make html look better
* More Sound2 module changes/updates. more sound triggers
* implemented full color drawing in draw.c using prototypes from
  ROOT by Valeri Onuchin. Needs testing and and changes to
* changed draw.c to use 32bit values in canvas, possibly to enable
  rendering in all 4 channels in future - need more work
* fixed handling of grayscale PNG images with bit depth < 8
* partially fixed segfault on loading grayscale PNG images
* fixed segfault on loading grayscale PNG images
* fixed bug in Makefile
* added flags to top level configure to force usage of builtin
  jpeg, png and zlib
* enabled debugging for bigendian tests
* moved HAVE_XPM to after config.h in libAI xpm.c; updated main
* exclude xpm.c from built when no xpm is requested; no longer
  support standard libgif and libxpm
* Sound2 parsing out sound files better now
* Removed more legacy Sound options, Sound2 reading more conf
* unbreak AS compiling cause of sound conf changes
* Added pcmdevice option to sound's conf
* More sound2 module handling changes
* updated Team members
* implemented functionality to setup slicing of frame sides and
  titlebar elements
* added code to kill Esetroot client if desktop background was set
  by it
* More Sound2 module updates/changes to include wave header reading
* Minor Sound2 header updates
* Minor Sound2 updates
* added functionality to ascompose to set XROOTPMAP property while
  changing root background
* make install puts in the sound config file and desktop/sounds dir
* Added new sound files to place Audio.c and audio.in
* Renamed all Audio to Sound in Makefiles, etc.
* Sound2 module reads config file now
* More Sound2 config updates
* fixed bad set_string_val macro to properly handle NULL pointer
* Adding conf file support to Sound2
* Sound2 module plays sound on window shade
* More Sound2 module updates
* removed erroneous configure.h include in ascompose
* modifications to make it better work with php pages
* added utf8 support according to sasha s instructions - seems to
* removed config.h from installation script
* added new convinience function to convert Lead Tools like DIBs
  into ASImage in one call; Fixed typo in ASImage2DIB.
* Fixed major bug that maybe causing memory corruption on any
  system where malloc does not return pointer aligned on 8-byte
* sanity fix to configure
* fixed logic to not enlarge icons in menus if target size is too
* fixed message processing in WinTabs to work on 64-bit systems
* Added Sound2 Header file
* Added sample .wav for any testing of Sound2 module
* Rewrite of Sound2 Module.
* removed X Intinrsic header as unneeded
* giving up on trying to figure out why asvector does not work on
  Power PC
* yet another try in resolving endiannes of the XImage encoding
* more sound2 module stuff
* rewrote scanline2ximage32 to properly account for offset and
  hopefully fix byteordering issue
* hopefully fixed incorrect byte order while converting XImage on
  32 bit visuals back to ASImage on big endian machines
* Sound2 test code, dont try to look for and play test wav
* Sound2 module now does events right.. i think
* fixed build problem in libAC
* minor cleanups in configure script to use lowercase NO
* compilation problems with missing X libs
* updated built-in libpng to 1.2.23
* synchronised xwrap.h with libAfterImage
* updated xwrap.h to be the same as in libAfterBase and fixed
  compilation under newer MSVC
* Fixed memory leak in DGifCloseFile where pointer to GifFile gets
  overwritten with NULL leaving dungling memory
* fixed memory leak in gif import code
* fixed missing initialization of ASColormap structure in
* disabled performance output in transform.c
* added docs for bevel in different parts of window frames
* yet another typo
* typo correction
* added ability to load ASXML images for set size - should use
  .width and .height vars inside the image to calculate different
* added urxvt as an option for ExecInTerm
* added urxvt to list of terms (first now, followed by aterm).
* Implemented proper transfer of ASImage to OpenGL drawables using
  textures and pixel ops
* Cleaned-up the Unicode icon.
* implemented  Underpointer placement type
* altered configure to make building of apps optional - if the dir
  is present
* got rid of pesky compile warnings in selfdiag code
* fixed compilation of self-diag code under cygwin
* removed __FUNCTION__ to fix compile on Solaris
* fixed compile errors under MSVC
* fixed compile errors in asstorage.c under MSVC
* fixed compile warnings on solaris in asvisual.c reported by ROOT
* fixed compile problem under VisualStudio .Net 2005, as reported
  by Valeri Onuchin
* added functions for reading raw XPM and PNG buffers, contributed
  by Valeri Onuchin of ROOT project
* added ASImage2xpmRawBuff() contributed by Valeriy Onuchin of ROOT
* fixed compile bug when building with shmimage and without
* minor typos corrected
* just making sure all config option are in again... did not add
  dirs Look/obsolete Wharf\ Folders and Wharf Contents, since it
  looks like they are generated by error by asdocgen
* reverting to version 1.2
* upsi - that is not what i wanted... gotta remove that
* desklets update : now unified shell script to control with some
  help text output
* using awk instead of sed mainly now as it is way more powerfull
* Implemented BlurSize option in MyStyles
* fixed one off error in blurring code	potentialy causing a
* hopefully now working with locale !=de/at
* now fully working calendar (at least with my locale), need others
  to check if it s really doing correctly
* M.-A. Darche:
  - Fixed typo Denote -> Demote in "Demote to Lower Layer".
* update to calendar desklet
* first checkin of desklets, gotta find a way to keep cpu load
  lower, 1% atm on my machine for both

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