[As-users] 2.2.8 Pager & WinList issues

Jim Turner (turnerjw784@yahoo.com)
Sun, 25 May 2008 20:59:11 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings fellow AS users,

Hi.  I just installed AS 2.2.8 on a new Linux
installation (I still use 
2.2.2 on my production box).  Anyway, 2 issues:

1)  Pager - I have Wharf "SwallowModule" a pager.  In
2.2.2, it creates a nice 
square pager with 4 equal-sized square "tiles"
representing 4 screens.  
Anyway, in 2.2.8, the left 2 "tiles" are rectangle
(aspect same as screen), 
and take up most of the icon, leaving only a sliver
for the right 2 screens,
something like:

---------                ---------
|     | |                |   |   |
+-----+-+     I want:    +---+---+
|     | |                |   |   |
---------                ---------

How can I specify 4 equally-sized "tiles"?  I'm using
in pager config:

*PagerGeometry       60x60
*PagerIconGeometry	+0-0

2)  WinList - I have WinList show only icons with
balloons, no text (I want 
it that way).  Pbm is I want each icon to be
transparent, but square and 
scaled to 48x48.  The pager has 1 row and starts on
lower left of screen, 
filling out from left to right as desired.  The icons
are 48 pix high, but 
are varying in width only taking up as much horizontal
space as necessary 
(usually < 48).  I'm using:

*WinListShowIcon 1
*WinListIconLocation 0
*WinListIconSize   48x48
*WinListScaleIconToTextHeight 0
*WinListIconAlign  center
*WinListAlign  center
*WinListGeometry        +0-0
*WinListMaxRows         1
*WinListOrientation across
*WinListSpacing	 1
*WinListBevel           Right,Bottom
*WinListUseName 5
UnfocusedStyle "winlist_transparent_icon_style"

And in LOOK file:

MyStyle "winlist_transparent_icon_style"
  Inherit	helv12_bold_text
  BackPixmap	126
  Alignment Center

I have read the documentation, but haven't found
anything related to these 
issues.  I thought that WinListIconSize and
WinListMinColWidth 48 would 
do it, but they don't seem to.

Thanks in advance.


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