Re: [As-users] Fedora 9 RPMS - New Additions to Repo

Jeff Krebs (
Mon, 2 Jun 2008 13:23:56 -0500

* Jeff Krebs ( wrote:
> rxvt-unicode and aterm
> --------
> Both rxvt-unicode-9.02 and aterm-1.0.1 fail to build, giving the error 
> "sys/stropts.h: No such file or directory".  I'm guessing this is a gcc 
> issue of sorts.  Both terms are posted on as 
> "failing to build from source".
> The current rxvt-unicode from Fedora 9 installs, but will not run (with 
> AfterStep, at least).  I tried installing the Fedora 8 version from the 
> AppletRPM repo to no avail.
> Xterm installs and works, but it's still... xterm.  Mrxvt (from Fedora) 
> installs and runs, but transparency doesn't work with AfterStep.
> If anyone has any ideas on why these packages won't currently build, 
> your help would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is solved.

Fedora versions 9 and later do not include sys/stropts.h in the 
glibc-headers package.  I've patched the rxvt-unicode file 
to disable "HAVE_ISASTREAM".  Rxvt-unicode builds nicely.

Aterm suffers from the same issue, but will need more work.

I have added rxvt-unicode to the AppletRPMS Fedora 9 repo.

Jeff Krebs
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