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Jeff Krebs (
Sat, 7 Jun 2008 17:19:39 -0500

* siva prema ( wrote:
> helo to all!
> Sorry for my bad english, this is not my native.
> I have 3 troubles:
> 1- How I can to start all windows maximized? (may be
> some option in database?)
> 2- How I can to make a Folder in wharf to execute an
> application when I click on it with, for exemple right
> bottom (r)?
> 3) How I can have vertical-fonts in VerticalTitle?
> Thank you very much in advance to all of you. AS rule!

I'll answer item #2:


*Wharf MiscFolder Folder-Screwdriver Folder
	*Wharf Calculator	normal/Calculator Exec "Calcoo" calcoo &
	*Wharf Calculator	kcalc.png Exec "kcalc" kcalc &
	*Wharf Calculator	normal/Calculator2 Exec "xcalc" xcalc &

	*Wharf ImageEditor	logos/gimp Exec "gimp" gimp &
	*Wharf ImageEditor	normal/XV Exec "XV" xv &
*Wharf ~Folder
*Wharf MiscFolder - Exec "r" xmms &
*Wharf MiscFolder - Exec "m" gftp &

The second to the last line causes xmms to launch with a right-click.  
The last line launches gftp with the middle mouse button.  Notice that 
I've matched "MiscFolder" to map the righta nd middle  mouse buttons to 
the Wharf icon/applet.

So, on one icon/applet, you can have three different mouse clicks doing 
3 different things.

Jeff Krebs
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