[As-users] Fedora 9 RPMS - x86_64 added to the Repo

Jeff Krebs (jkrebs@tconl.com)
Thu, 7 Aug 2008 19:55:40 -0500

After many requests, x86_64 (AMD) has been added to the Fedora 
AfterApplets Repository.

Setup and download instructions can be found here:


96 of 97 maintained Fedora packages were successfully built on an AMD 
box.  mined2000 still needs some work.  Yudit built fine though.

I noticed that fotoxx (fotox) is in the testing area on Fedora.  That's 
great; it's a good solid application that deserves the widest 

So, along with stalonetray and parcellite, fotoxx will graciously be 
turned over to the normal Fedora team for the masses.

Please let me know if you have any issues with any of the AfterApplets 

Jeff Krebs
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