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I always tell folks that when you complain, and you can't provide a
possible solution to the problem, you become part of the problem.  I am
going to issue you a challenge: provide some strong, quantifiable feedback
to help the developers improve their product.

Please give constructive feedback to either this mailing list or on the
IRC channel #afterstep.  Some things can be fixed, others can't.  I will
tell you that if you roll up your sleeves and dig in, you will learn a
good about window managers and AfterStep.

My involvement with AfterStep (AS) resulted from the same scenario that
you are describing; things weren't working right, and/or I didn't
understand the WM.  In reality, it was a combination of the two.  Once I
understood the intricacies and benefits of AS, I was hooked.

AfterStep IS NOT Windoze.  Far from it.  If you are looking for an
XP/Vista experience under Linux, AS is one of the poorest choices I can
think of.  If you are looking for one of the most highly configurable
window managers in a *nix environment, AS is the way to go.  I consider AS
to be very fast, not in terms of CPU speed, but in terms of having things
where I need them, when I need them.  You can customize and tweak to your
heart's content.


> I'm sorry but I'm so outraged by how awful this software is I am
> absolutely compelled to join this mailing list to explain why this is
> one of the worst window managers I've ever attempted to use.
> I spent most of my life in a custom shell on Windows 3.11 (Dashboard
> from Starfish Software).
> Then I moved more or less directly to FVWM on linux which I used for
> years on end... Then its "bit-rot" became overwhelming so I switched to
> KDE3, which was pretty good.
> KDE4.2 was utterly unusable so I went searching for a WM again. (KDE4 is
> the worst downgrade in the history of open source!)
> I used Enlightenment for about a month. It was half-way decent but then
> I noticed that it was eating half of my CPU power, which is outrageous!!!
> So I loaded afterstep. (I had a brief encounter with gnustep back around
> 2003 which was generally positive.)
> In attempting to use afterstep I've had some of the most frustrating
> experiences I've ever had attempting to use a GUI, it's almost half as
> awful as vi which is the benchmark as the world's least usable program.
> It seems to follow completely arbitrary rules, some windows I can make
> overlap, others I can't. The desktop manager is completely broken
> because the window I want to move moves in a different direction than
> the mouse. I have an instance of "Okular" that simply cannot be moved,
> the system beeps when I try to move it. (My desktop has a CRT and a
> flatpannel, dissimilar resolutions on a nvidia driver, it's a version
> out of date because nvidia doesn't support my card anymore!!!). I have
> TWM on this monitor because it is more or less usable, while afterstep,
> on my other monitor, is not.
> Sometimes I'll have a deeply burried window but no matter how many times
> I click on it, I cannot get it to raise to the top.
> When I try to pop a terminal which I do hundreds of times an hour, it
> will flash for an instant and then disappear, I have to then go hunting
> for it, which is insane!!!
> Because I can't find a usable window manager, I probably won't be able
> to use linux for much longer. The last time I installed an OS on this
> machine was in 2004...
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