Re: [As-users] panic driven by helplessness

Daniel A. Ramaley (
Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:56:09 -0500

On 2009-03-27 at 15:31:21, Alan Grimes wrote:
>Now that I've had a few hours to calm down after being faced with
>something I don't know how to fix I really must re-affirm a number of
>the things I had written in my panic.

In the future, please take a few hours to calm down *before* sending a 

>I mean, I don't know how to fix my KDE3 colors. It's a fairly deeply
>buried config in one of the more than 140 hidden directories in my
> home folde (I did delete my .qt directory...)

$ rm -rf ~/.kde*

>But, someone in the afterstep project went through the trouble to find
>it and fuck it up for me... That is not an accident but deliberate and
>intense malice.

AfterStep was not responsible for messing up your KDE configuration. 
Flaming the list with false accusations was uncalled for. I recommend 
sending a brief apology to the list, and then unsubscribing. Clearly 
your sense of netiquette is not sufficiently advanced to handle a list 
such as as-users.

Actually, on one of my machines i run both AfterStep and KDE on the same 
account. I use AfterStep if i log in locally, and KDE if i open a VNC 
connection. Both window managers work as i configured them, and neither 
causes havoc with the other. Often i have both a local and a VNC 
session going, so both window managers are running *at the same time* 
on the same computer, under the same account. All with no problems.

The only deliberate and intense malice here has come from you. Please 
stop and think before mailing the list again.

>I have many valuable configurations in my .kde folder, I cannot afford
>to delete it! =(  I need to know exactly what was done to my system
> and how to reverse the dammage!

Take this as a learning opportunity then. I don't know what you've done 
to break your system, but learn enough about how it works that you 
understand how to fix it. In the future maybe you won't find yourself 
so quick to rage if you have a deeper understanding of the system and 
so are more likely to understand exactly how you broke it and exactly 
how to repair the damage.

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