Re: [As-users] =((((
Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:08:25 +0100 (CET)

Not that i want to join flamewars, but this one is tough not to join...

so here it goes :

a) this is free software. people did this in their spare time (in the last
years the amount of active people was rather limited), so if you like it -
fine, if not fine too. at least be respectfull (see nettiquette). So the
error in your assumption is that it was designed so _you_ can use it.

b) have you at least read documentation/website??? tried to find answers to
your problems there? i guess not...

c) if you find a bug and want it fixed, get your act together and start
with _constructive_ criticism, file bugs, or better write a patch...
just ranting "it does not work" will not help you, and just wastes your
and _our_ time.

d) stop wasting our time, and either help out, or just go away and move
on to something else.

my impression is that your social skills are seriously underdevelopped, even
compared to someone like me.


Niklas L.

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