Re: [As-users] 'Reloading menu pixmaps' takes forever -- is
Wed, 1 Apr 2009 13:56:04 +0200 (CEST)

Hello !

>From what my memory tells me load time is mostly that high because of
desktop entries/categories being loaded. It was introduced sometimes in
the 2.0.x aera... before that afterstep loaded as fast/faster then fvwm.

Load time seems to be (almost) independent of machine speed.
With my theme (5 wharfs with intense use of asxml) load time is "constant"
accross different machines (500 Mhz - 2,2 Ghz)

As it looks _everything_ is reloaded everytime you change anything from
menu (be it colorscheme, look, feel ). So there must be room for improvement.

Though all this is speculation from my side, since i only do theming/docs.

Just my observations, sasha could you enlighten us all ?


> Do you use all of the images that are installed?  One easy way to increase
> the load speed (and get junk off your system) is to remove all those image
> collections that you are probably never going to use.
> I generally select images I like, put them in ~/.afterstep/backgrounds/,
> and remove the unwanted/unneeded packages/collections.
> Maybe there's another way to fix this, but clutter is clutter.
> Jeff
>> Greetings everyone.
>> When afterstep is loading, it takes quite a while to go through all the
>> entries in "Reloading menu pixmaps: " --  at least a minute or so on a
>> not-slow system.  Is this step necessary?  If so, is there any way to
>> speed it up?
>> (If it's relevant, I've set MenuMiniPixmaps to 0 in my look file, but
>> that
>> didn't stop it.)
>> Thanks.

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