Re: [As-users] 'Reloading menu pixmaps' takes forever -- is

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 01 Apr 2009 16:14:34 -0600 wrote:
> Hello !
>>From what my memory tells me load time is mostly that high because of
> desktop entries/categories being loaded. It was introduced sometimes in
> the 2.0.x aera... before that afterstep loaded as fast/faster then fvwm.
> Just my observations, sasha could you enlighten us all ?

Well, MenuMiniPixmaps 0 currently will only prevent minipixmaps from 
being displayed, but they will still get loaded on startup.

I think it does not make sense, and I'm currently changing it to not do 
that. So hopefully we'll make a new release of AS soon, which will not 
do that.

While waiting for me, you can comment out (or delete altogether) line 
that reads  reload_menu_pmaps ( ...

in src/afterstep/configure.c  (approximately line 1899)

Thanks for reporting that.

Sasha Vasko

> niklas
>> Do you use all of the images that are installed?  One easy way to increase
>> the load speed (and get junk off your system) is to remove all those image
>> collections that you are probably never going to use.
>> I generally select images I like, put them in ~/.afterstep/backgrounds/,
>> and remove the unwanted/unneeded packages/collections.
>> Maybe there's another way to fix this, but clutter is clutter.
>> Jeff
>>> Greetings everyone.
>>> When afterstep is loading, it takes quite a while to go through all the
>>> entries in "Reloading menu pixmaps: " --  at least a minute or so on a
>>> not-slow system.  Is this step necessary?  If so, is there any way to
>>> speed it up?
>>> (If it's relevant, I've set MenuMiniPixmaps to 0 in my look file, but
>>> that
>>> didn't stop it.)
>>> Thanks.
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