[As-users] differences between aterm and the tty1

kazabe (kazabe@gmail.com)
Mon, 8 Jun 2009 15:24:37 -0500


Im using a cobol app in my linux server.  All the station run on
windows actually, and use putty to access to the server.   Now im
migrating the station to linux, but im detecting a problem when the
user need to access to the remote application.

If the desktop try to access from the tty1 to the server, all the app
work perfectly.  But if try to access from a X console (we try with
aterm and gnome-terminal) the app lost too many issues.  Some function
keys dont work, cant be displayed to fullscreen, the menu orders are
wrong, etc.

Is posible use in aterm all the features obtained in the tty1?

Thanks in advance

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