[As-users] Issues with aterm with screen or old/different unix

Kyle Liddell (lists-kyle@foobox.homelinux.net)
Tue, 16 Jun 2009 16:25:57 -0400

Can anybody give me help with these two problems?

1.  Using mutt (for example) inside aterm on some systems causes some special characters to be displayed incorrectly.  In mutt, when viewing a thread of emails, the arrow symbols are junk characters, and if a non-ascii character is on a line, it will usually cause the next line to be blank.  aterm on fedora and debian do this, aterm on gentoo works fine.  (aterm on gentoo and fedora are compiled from latest source, on debian it's the binary in testing.)  If I use xterm on fedora and debian, everything works fine.

2.  Many non-linux systems I use don't know about aterm, so, for example, running 'top' doesn't work correctly, and emacs won't run.  Solaris gives messages like "top: no termcap entry for a `rxvt' terminal", and aterm on AIX sort of works, but some things grumble a bit.  If I set TERM="xterm", then things seem to play nice.

I'm not really sure where the problem lies with terminals, and I'm not sure of the Right Way to fix it...

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