Re: [As-users] Re: Developer positions
Fri, 17 Jul 2009 17:10:03 +0200 (CEST)

> 1. One thing that I think is more pressing then others is support for
> Gnome session manager. I started implementing it but never went past the
> first registration message. As Afterstep has its own session management
> functionality through autoexec - this needs to be made standard
> compliant. I haven't had much time to develop the idea though. Relevant
> code is in src/afterstep/dbus.c and afterstep.c (main()).
> 2. Another pressing thing is system tray support - there is apparently a
> standard protocol for that.

this should really be done with an external tool, for example stalonetray
is really the best tool for the job, really no need to reinvent the wheel.
since swallowing is not working reliably (90% of the time) you might want
to check out this part of afterstep instead.

> 3. Also something should be done about better integration with the
> system menus of Gnome/KDE. We do load all the desktop categories and
> entries available on the system and allow user to use them in AS menu.
> Perhaps a n utility that would synchronize AS menu with Gnome/KDE menus
> would be nice.

oh that one is definitly a showstopper for afterstep. first AS should
not present the whole category, but only show the most important items
like gnome does. wharf filling with desktopcategories should also allow to
only fill odd/even wharf tiles (since you can use odd/even for
folder/subfolder buttons respectively - by making every second button 1x1
pixels where you don t need em).

> 4. GUI config tool has always been a hot item. I don't see how that
> could be done given the complexity of AS configuration. There are some
> unfinished refactorings in libAfterConf - basically all the modules
> should have its config implemented the way WinList has it (using ASCF_
> macros).

the best way and the most natural for most users would be context menus
for each module (and root window). what can be fitted in there should go
in there, the rest shoul really be dropped. every user that wants to change
options beyond that should be regarded as a theme developper and read his
way through the docs anyway.

my 2 cents, hope it was worth the read.

Niklas Lunger

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