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> Thank you.  I understand not fiddling with a stable release.
> Let me know when you have a snap shot that contains the new
> help bubbles and I'll give it a try.
> I wish I could help with the coding, but alas...
> I don't mind that AfterStep is suffering from a "lack of fuss
> about it in the media."  The media just want's to turn Linux
> into another commercial product because that's all they really
> understand.  I've watched Linux Journal slowly devolve into
> a "for paying customers" mag.
> I really appreciate all the work you are doing on this
> window manager and those that came before you.  I remember
> reading an article about AS a long while back in LJ.  But, I
> can't remember if they interviewed you.  How about taking a
> bow and telling us a bit about yourself and how long you've
> been working on this project?  I'm not a media person, just
> curious.

LJ article was written by a moron. He never have gotten past simple
install and run stuff - no configuration playing, or even trying
supplied feels/looks - it seems that he's using E or fvwm himself and
that was that he actually wrote about that made sense - all the other
window managers has been added just for volume and create illusion of

If you want to read better one go to :

this one is actually based on interview with me.

Basically I work on the project since 1.5beta1 ( August 1998 ) I rewrote
Pager, implemented JPEG and PNG reading, asetroot, and since July 1999
I'm working on everything, except for ASCP.

I have a master degree in CS and I've been working on different commercial
projects since 1992 ( C/C++/PLSQL ). Right now I'm employed by
Keane Federal Systems Inc. and work as a team lead on the project for
State Courts of Missouri.

Driving idea behind current AS development is that prior to 1.8, AfterStep
was nothing
but a huge pile of cruel hacks and tidbits written by different ppl often
without any sufficient knowledge about what they are up to, and generally
it was hacked up version of fvwm. Needless to say that over years it has
into such a mess, that adding anything new, or simply tweaking something
create an avalanche of bugs poping out from different places. Some
essential parts
were simply wrong and not suitable for decent window manager, like geometry
or hints handling. Plus there was a need for better handling of
configuration in order
to allow implementation of ASCP. Decision to rewrite AS entirely has not
overnight, and for quite some time we were implementing subsystems without
breaking much.
And only at about November timeframe it has accumulated to the degree that
I had to
simply discard old code and rewrite afterstep proper almost from scratch,
in order to be
able to use this new subsystems - libraries. The result is that even thou
AS proper
is approaching completion and generally runs, except for few small pieces -
all the
modules still needs to be updated. That is why CVS repository is useless at
the moment
for average user. When this rewrite will be completed AfterStep will get
new features bringing it on par with E in regards of visual configurability
( preserving efficient memory utilization at the same time ), and much
everything else when it comes to actuall window management.

This are few of the new features being worked on :

Shaped windows ( yes, we found way around X server bugs )
Rotated/texturized texts
completely opaque(with tinting/shading) menus (underlying windows will be
showing through)
Complete support for all the different hints standards in the wild (
ICCCM/Motif/Gnome/KDE )
DefaultGeometry option in database.
Module configuration through Look/feel
Theme support
Scaled pixmaps in titlebar
button hilite on hovering over pointer
Customizeable layout of titlebars/sidebars
Titlebars/sidebars possible on all 4 sides of the window.
Buttons in iconized window's titlebars
Customizeable look of WinList
Window bookmarking
Window icons in winlist menu.
Complete session support ( on exist we save window's desktop, viewport,
geometry )

Sasha Vasko

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