Pager weirdness(?)
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:34:59 -0600

> Hello all,
> I'm experiencing some strange Pager behaviour with afterstep 1.8.3:
> 1. Stacked windows are not shown correctly when changing desktops/
>    pages. For example, I open two xterms in a page, the second one
>    partially obscuring the first. Then, when swithing to another page,
>    the pager immediately shows the first one that was opened as being
>    on top (without actually raising it).
>    This makes it practically impossible to move a window from a
>    cluttered page by dragging it out of the pager, since it usually
>    grabs the wrong one :-)
> 2. A middle click on a window in the pager doesn't give it keyboard
>    focus (as in previous versions, 1.[0-6]?), but instead moves it
>    diagonally towards the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
>    If this is a feature, someone please explain me why :)
> I've also tested the above with the newer AS version that comes with
> debian-testing/unstable; (1) doesn't seem to happen any more
> (or I didn't notice) but (2) persists, which leads me to think that
> it's not a bug. In that case, does anyone know how I can get back to the
> old behaviour?

(1) I think you need to upgrade to 1.8.8 and it will go away, but since
you already have working version from debian - then don't bother.

(2) middle click is supposed to let you drag windows around. So when you
click and release right away - it treats it as very short drag.

> TIA for any replies.
> Rgds,
> /-sb.
> Stelios Bounanos <>

Sasha Vasko

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