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Wed, 14 Mar 2001 21:50:20 +0000

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> (1) I think you need to upgrade to 1.8.8 and it will go away, but since
> you already have working version from debian - then don't bother.
> (2) middle click is supposed to let you drag windows around. So when you
> click and release right away - it treats it as very short drag.

Ah, I see. However I do remember using the Pager that way -- I used to
switch to an empty page, middle-click on a netscape window somewhere
else and type Alt-n. Then a new window popped up in the empty page,
very convenient!
  I can't imagine anyone(?) depending on the current behaviour for a
middle-click-then-release, so would you consider changing it to give
focus? I just demonstrated above that it can be useful :)



> Cheers
> Sasha Vasko



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