Re: Restoring Background after Stopping Animations

Clark Ashton Smith (
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:25:47 -0500

From: irb <>

* Clark Ashton Smith ( [010314 21:09]:
> irb wrote:
> > 
> I installed xv and tried your command bellow.  It stops the animation
> temporarily and loads a tile of the xv banner window instead of
> my jpg.?
hunh. did you compile afterstep yourself? the default is for asetroot to
call xli -onroot -quiet; for some reason (perhaps you installed an rpm
or deb?) it's calling xv instead.

Unless I'm missing something.

What version are you running? The latest stable release is 1.8.8.

> Thanks for your help so far.  That tail -f suggestion has helps
> allot.
No prob. Glad to help.

> > Exec "Stop animations" exec sh -c "killall xlock ; killall xearth ;
> > killall xfish ; killall xsnow ; 'Module \"\" asetroot'"
> What is  Perl script?  Is it documented anywhere?  Is
> there a way to pass the image name I want asetroot to load?
It (should) come with afterstep itself; it's a perl script to pass
arguments to AS via the command line. --help will give you
the options it accepts.

It isn't documented anywhere that I know of, 'cept the ChangeLog in the
source distribution.... *grin*

General Question: Is anyone actively maintaining AS documentation these
days? Many files within AS still reference 1.7, and compiling
libasConfig seems totally undocumented...

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