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> Actually, I use it when I open a window whose title bar ends up
> off-screen, so I can get to it.  It's also handy for reorganizing windows
> without having to switch desktops.

Hello Michael,

It seems that you are talking about dragging around windows in the Pager
with the middle mouse button, whereas I'm talking about the *single*
middle click on the pager which currently is the same as a short drag.
That is the behaviour I'd like to see changed / changeable (thanks Sasha).

Incidentally, for the situation you're describing, I have set the feel file
so that a middle-drag anywhere on the bottom bar moves the window:

Mouse 2         FS      A       Move

In the rare cases where even the bottom bar is invisible, I have the "Window"
menu appear with a middle-click on the root window and I can select Move from

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> Michael Vieths
> Foeclan@Winternet.Com
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Stelios Bounanos wrote:


> > 
> > Ah, I see. However I do remember using the Pager that way -- I used to
> > switch to an empty page, middle-click on a netscape window somewhere
> > else and type Alt-n. Then a new window popped up in the empty page,
> > very convenient!
> >   I can't imagine anyone(?) depending on the current behaviour for a
> > middle-click-then-release, so would you consider changing it to give
> > focus? I just demonstrated above that it can be useful :)
> > 




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