Re: Keyboard remapping-V0.4.0

Christof (
15 Mar 2001 22:54:54 +0100

Francisco Rojas <> writes:

> I'm trying to remap the keyboard mappings on a SUN. 
> I use the command  xmodmap  ~/keyboard/right-keyboard.txt


> I can try to patch an aterm, but i do not have a starting point yet.

Hmmm. Maybe you rather should to implement xkbmap reading by
aterm. Xkbmap is now the standard, though maybe changes are simpler with
xmodmap. I'm using polish set of characters - iso-8859-2 and all
aplication use xkbmap - all except aterm. I have to use xmodmap to
eneter polish character to aterm. It is no so annoying becouse i dont
have to do it too often. I think you can map modifiers as you want. I
can enter polish characters using these extra windows keys (instead of
right alt). 
Maybe you should insert something like this:

clear Control
clear Mod1
add    Control = Alt_R
add    Mod1    = Alt_L

Then you have Control with right alt and Alt with left alt.

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