New Afterstep Code [was Re: TitleButtonBalloons]

Julian M Catchen (
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 17:19:30 -0700

> LJ article was written by a moron. He never have gotten past simple
> install and run stuff - no configuration playing, or even trying
> supplied feels/looks - it seems that he's using E or fvwm himself and
> that was that he actually wrote about that made sense - all the other
> window managers has been added just for volume and create illusion of
> objectivity.

I read that article -- and I whole-heartedly agree.  It was utter crap!  I
have been using Afterstep since around 1.5 (whenever the config went from
one file to a directory structure) and have tried numerous other wm's. 
Never have I found another window manager that came close to the
configurbility and efficency of Afterstep.  As one, long-time, happy
afterstep user, I would like to say thanks to the developers.  I look
forward to the new release.

Several times I have considered attempting to understand the Afterstep code
base.  Would it be possible for the developers to publish a big TODO list
here, so that we may look through it and see if we can contribute?  I think
learning the code will become easier with a known task to complete. 

Perhaps you could offer up some of the modules for outside development? 
They would probably be fairly isolated and easiest to start hacking on.

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