Re: New Afterstep Code [was Re: TitleButtonBalloons]

Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial(
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 09:43:54 -0600

 Never have I found another window manager that came close to the
> configurbility and efficency of Afterstep.  As one, long-time, happy
> afterstep user, I would like to say thanks to the developers.  I look
> forward to the new release.

you welcome.

> Several times I have considered attempting to understand the Afterstep 
> base.  Would it be possible for the developers to publish a big TODO list
> here, so that we may look through it and see if we can contribute?  I 
> learning the code will become easier with a known task to complete.
> Perhaps you could offer up some of the modules for outside development?
> They would probably be fairly isolated and easiest to start hacking on.

All the modules except for asetroot and Pager are in need for new 
problem is that all of them should be havily dependent on libraries and 
cannot really be developed "outside" of the AS code tree. Althou it is not 
difficlut to plug new things into the tree - just create a subdir in src/, 
put all your files in there and hack away.

One huge item on TODO list is to update all the modules to current 
libraries and make them compile and talk to afterstep :) That ought to keep 

everybody's busy for a while. If anybody is interested in any particular 
module - 
please contact me with your questions. 

> ----julian

Sasha Vasko

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