Re: Documentation, was TitleButtonBalloons

Andrew Ferguson (
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 21:24:04 -0500

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 19:10:44 wrote:
> Thanks for the link.  It was fun to read.  I'm looking forward to 
> all the changes.  I've noticed that the documentation is slowly moving
> out of sink with the code base.  Is there something I could do to help?
> I could take one feature at a time and updated the FAQ and man page.
> I haven't worked with man pages before, but I can't be that hard.

Write new stuff. Change old stuff. Send patches. Repeat. :) We'll accept
any patches that look right.

> Let me know if you would like my help on this.

Patches always accepted.

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