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Clark Ashton Smith (
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 15:57:59 -0500

Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial wrote:
> > Is there a way to control the text in a titleButtonBalloon?
> > .....
> > I would like to add and change the buttons on the title bar and
> > control what is displayed in the titleButtonBallons.  How is this
> > done?
> TitleButtonBalloons only display list of what mouse clicks do what
> there is no way to customize it. You can either turn it on or off.
> I personally do not see any need for any such feature. Anybody care
> to convince me otherwise ?
> Cheers
> Sasha Vasko

Thank you for your quick response.  And yes, I'd like to try to 
convince you;)  With the ability to add up to 10 buttons on the 
title bar and allow for 3 operation per button, it seems obvious
to me that balloon help would allow people to share themes that 
are functional as well as interesting to look at.  If you load
a theme, you have to try each mouse button on each title bar 
button to see what it does.  Help balloons with meaningful 
messages would be of great help here.  For example.  I like 
setting a button to toggle maximize tall, and maximize wide, as 
well as maximize full screen.  With the current help balloons, I
can only indicate the button has a maximize function, not what
it will actually do.  A help balloon I could configure would
make that perfectly clear by just passing the mouse over the

I'm sure there are many other examples where this would help
a new user to quickly understand a themes functionality.  
Configurable help balloons has my vote.

Perhaps a simple string option in the feel file?  Something 
like this would be easy to use:

Mouse 3         6       A       Maximize 0 100 "Maximize Tall"
Mouse 2         6       A       Maximize 0 100 "Maximize Wide"
Mouse 1         6       A       Maximize 

The help string could be an option.  If it's left off, then the
default terse "Maximize" message would be displayed.

The title bar itself is configurable for mouse clicks, so the
option for a balloon here would be good too.

Finally to give complete control over the balloons, maybe an
option in the help string for a button could disable the help
just for that button or title bar.  Something like:
Mouse 1         2       A       Delete "NBH"

NBH for No Balloon Help

I guess you would have to check for the number of string 
arguments in PopUps so a help message could come after the 
function call:
Mouse 1         3       A       PopUp "Window" "Help Message"

Just a few ideas.
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