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Doug Alcorn (
Mon, 03 May 2004 21:26:11 -0400

"M.-A. DARCHE" <> writes:
> Those last weeks I've sent some bug reports to both Sasha and 
> <>.
> For all those messages I've received the following error :
>> This is the Postfix program at host
>> I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned
>> below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.
>> For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>
>> If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
>> delete your own text from the message returned below.
>>                         The Postfix program
>> <>: host[] said: 550
>>     <>: User unknown in virtual mailbox table (in reply to
>>     RCPT TO command)
> So I guess only Sasha has received the bug reports and this is a pity
> because AfterStep is a community effort.
> Could someone fix the configuration problem for <> or
> give an alternate preferred way to procede for bug reporting please ?

I'm the postmaster for  If you have questions about
mail on the, the best way to ask them is to ask the

Second, I don't have any record of working.
AFAICT, the correct address is  That's actually
a mailing list with four people subscribed.  Again, afaik, Sasha is
the only one who actually handles them.  If the desired address is I'll be glad to setup an alias for to point to  Due to the
limitations of mailman, I'm not really able to create a mailing list
called simply 'bugs'.  Each mailing list name needs to have some clear
identifier associated with it to distinguish it from all the other
domains I host.

I freely admit that I am not active within the afterstep community.
Three or four years ago when I took on the postmaster position I was
fairly active.  I really don't mind hosting it or the work of handling
all the bounces from bad subscriptions or all the spam that gets
posted to the list.  However, I would understand if someone who was
actually active in the community took over the position.  Note that
I'm only hosting mail.  I'm not sure where the DNS, web, or ftp pages
are.  For the record though, forwards to forwards to forwards to forwards to

Both and also forward to
their personal accounts (I'm not sure sasha knows this).

I'm also glad to add additional moderators to the as-users or as-bugs
mailing lists.  The lists and the entire domain "belong" to the
community.  I'll be glad to configure it however the community wants.
Well actually, according to whois David Mihm owns
Anyway, just tell me what you want and I'll set it up (or turn it
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